Marie Delaney

Teenagers and Attachment

Teenagers and Attachment

Teenagers and Attachment

Marie Delaney
Director of The Learning Harbour
Crosshaven, Co.Cork. Ireland

Marie Delaney is an Educational Consultant and Educational Psychotherapist, MFL / EFL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and author.

Educational Consultancy

Marie Delaney offers Educational Consultancy to schools, local authorities and ministries of education. The underlying principle of Marie’s work is to build local capacity to include the most vulnerable students and young people. It is her policy to make a realistic assessment of the current situation, analyzing  the needs and strengths of the people involved, to build on current skills  and to work collaboratively with clients to develop sustainable polices and resources.

The Learning Harbour Principles

  • There are many ways of being intelligent : we all need to find our own way
  • Learning is fun and exciting
  • Where you start from in life does not have to dictate where you go to
  • Emotional blocks and past trauma can inhibit learning and can be overcome
  • Successful learners/teachers are self-confident and secure
  • Teacher self-care and self-management will lead to better care and management of students
  • projects include :

    National Level Policies

    Developing inclusive education policies and trainings at national level
    Working with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education in Jordan on Inclusive Education
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    Working with the British Council and the Ministry of Education in Lebanon on Inclusion of children with SEN
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    School and agency support work with challenging and vulnerable students

    Working with Five Rivers Fostering Agency in Ireland on educational inclusion
    Working with the Virtual Schools in the UK to improve outcomes for looked after children (LACs)
    Working with specialist schools in the UK for students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. (SEBD) and pupil referral units (PRUs) for students excluded from mainstream school.
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    Supporting staff through work-based discussion groups and training

    Working with Youthreach and training centres across Ireland to facilitate staff thinking around challenging behaviour.
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    What can I do with the kid who ...

    All teachers know there can be a challenging pupil in any class.

    Teaching the Unteachable

    Effective behaviour management

    Teenagers and Attachment

    Helping Adolescents Engage with
    Life and Learning

    Why can't I help this child to learn

    Understanding Emotional Barriers
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