Marie Delaney

But I'm not a therapist, I'm a teacher!

I have worked for many years with pupils who are considered 'at-risk' of exclusion and youth offending. 
During these years I was continually searching for new ways of understanding these young people and their behaviour. 
My search led me to retraining as an Educational Psychotherapist and I became interested in how concepts and thinking frameworks from the world of therapy might be of some practical use to the classroom teacher. 
I will describe some of these uses in this article... 
But I'm not a therapist!

Teaching Challenging Students

How being able to be really specific about the behaviour can led us to more positive solutions

'He just doesn't listen'. 'She never pays attention'.  These are comments I hear often from teachers who are despairing about the behaviour and attitude of some of the students in their class

How can ideas from the world of therapy be useful for teachers?
I will discuss these behaviours in this article...
Teaching Challenging Students

What can I do with the kid who ...

All teachers know there can be a challenging pupil in any class.

Teaching the Unteachable

Effective behaviour management

Teenagers and Attachment

Helping Adolescents Engage with
Life and Learning

Why can't I help this child to learn

Understanding Emotional Barriers
to Learning.