Marie Delaney

What can I do with the kid who ...

Marie Delaney goes straight to the heart of the meaning of this behaviour in this quick and easy to follow guide. She describes how teachers can recognise what 'behaviour as communication' really means.

The clarity, insight and straightforwardness presented by the best selling author of 'Teaching the Unteachable' will inspire teachers everywhere, giving them real confidence to overcome classroom disruption and focus on teaching settled children.

What can I do with the kid who ...

'Teaching the Unteachable' explores factors behind those 'bad days' and looks at what can be done when nothing seems to work.

Marie Delaney provides a summary of effective behaviour management strategies, drawn from her extensive experience of success (and failure) in working with pupils of all ages, and staff.

A complete toolkit of skills that supports all teachers every day in the classroom.

Teenagers and Attachment

Helping Adolescents Engage with Life and Learning

Why can't I help this child to learn

Understanding Emotional Barriers to Learning. Karnac Books. Editor Helen High.