Marie Delaney

Teenagers and Attachment

Teenagers and Attachment

Teenagers and Attachment

Training Courses For Teachers

Marie Delaney offers bespoke training to schools and staff groups.
Topics offered include:

  • Behaviour management strategies - a comprehensive list of the best
  • Behaviour management vs Behaviour Change - what does real behaviour change involve and how can we facilitate this in schools
  • Attachment and Learning - how can we recognize children with attachment difficulties, how this affects their learning and what can we do about it
  • Setting targets which young people will 'buy-into'
  • Dealing with conflict - using language skillfully and successfully
  • Beginnings, Transitions and Endings - understanding and responding to the deep feelings which may be aroused at times of change
  • Supporting Teachers and Developing an Emotionally Literate Learning Community
  • Challenging limiting beliefs - your own, your colleagues and young peoples
  • Establishing rapport in times of conflict - the language of persuasion
  • Working positively with parents/carers
  • Whole school approach to challenging behaviour :How unconscious defence mechanisms can sabotage school improvement
  • Dealing with resistance in times of change
  • Setting up and running work-based discussion groups
  • Getting your message across effectively
  • The Looked After child in school : issues and solutions

  • These topics are also offered as plenary talks and workshops.

    Training can also be provided in German

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