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Marie Delaney, Director The Learning Harbour, Crosshaven, Co.Cork

Looking forward to working with nurture uk on this great initiative #traumainformed https://t.co/a78z6gme4Y

Following my previous post the link to the webinars is here @TraumaRespEd https://t.co/xEvW7ui5kR
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Hinton House @Hinton_House
Webinars with Dr Margot Sunderland Helping Children & Teenagers Talk About Feelings - https://t.co/JkHCPkEZv2 https://t.co/nsMBmAPAMt

Always good to read or hear Rachel Tomlinson on her school's nurturing and trauma informed approach which also puts learning at the centre ‘Learn to love, love to learn’: Barrowford’s Relationships Policy https://t.co/3vPDPs1pbG via @wholeeducation @TraumaRespEd

The importance of a child having emotionally available adults go can be alongside them plays a huge part in addressing this @TraumaRespEd https://t.co/NCGcSD861V
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Josh Varner @JoshVarner65
The best gift we can give another person is to be with them in their struggles. https://t.co/XbHMCEZx0g

Trauma does not only show up in school as aggression and defiance. The fawn response to danger shows up as the overly compliant child who has learned to try to please the adult for safety. @TraumaRespEd https://t.co/zHxjWua2TE
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TouchBase @TouchBase_UK
"Where has the #trauma gone?" Just because the child is smiling and compliant, can we be sure all is well? #knowmetoteachme @theyellowkite https://t.co/gwEK30m0c0 https://t.co/YvSqDdCMEh