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Marie Delaney, Director The Learning Harbour, Crosshaven, Co.Cork

Join us for our webinar this week on the withdrawn chid - often overlooked in class @TraumaRespEd @Alliesgarden @narrellbyrne @sharonlambert0 #traumainformed https://t.co/ccjCT7LuQT
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Trauma Responsive Education @TraumaRespEd
Don't miss this week's webinar on 'The quiet, withdrawn child' Book now at https://t.co/SJcI7qnYeU or contact info @trauma-ed.com for a group discount if you would like a few people from your school or organisation to attend https://t.co/6eBVcZydvE

Looking forward to getting started with 10 schools in Cork on our Trauma Responsive Schools programme. @TraumaRespEd https://t.co/fsRW2pZtBb
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Sandra O'Meara @meara_sandra
Delighted to begin the pilot Trauma Responsive Schools Programme today with @TraumaRespEd Funded through SEEP City North West Quarter Regeneration programme supporting schools journey towards trauma Responsiveness @mariedelaney1 @ingridoriordan @corkcitycouncil @rebecca_loughry https://t.co/SArdqkhvpK

Great to do some in-depth thinking about vulnerable pupils and find practical trauma informed responses. Looking forward to tomorrow #traumainformed https://t.co/rqxGIzVjht

Hoping to see some of you in our upcoming course on Becoming a Trauma Responsive Educator @NBmindset @Alliesgarden @sharonlambert0 @SusanDouglas70 @janehmul https://t.co/9rE4NGr0xy
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Trauma Responsive Education @TraumaRespEd
**Last chance to book** August summer school: Becoming a trauma responsive educator. Register here: https://t.co/hvtRr1VnvP
or contact info @trauma-ed.com https://t.co/otjmaTstQZ

norma​.​foley @oireachtas​.​ie : Fund Cork Life Centre - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/vTuo2MNE3s via @UKChange

‘Shame is such a currency in Ireland - becoming trauma informed means acknowledging this and finding ways for all institutions to stop triggering shame @TraumaRespEd #traumainformed https://t.co/HOEJlDXnt7