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Marie Delaney, Director The Learning Harbour, Crosshaven, Co.Cork

RP like trauma informed practice needs to be embedded in whole school work and often involves a reset of mindset. Our work at https://t.co/jhvJXPZD9b is all about improving pupil voice and real collaboration @TraumaRespEd https://t.co/RTVHTH6Lq8
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RP Is All About the 6 Restorative Questions

Yes, they can create connection, empathy and accountability. RP, however, is so much more than these 6 questions...

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Always worth listening to @amquilli about the need to understand the impact of trauma on Traveller education https://t.co/D5Zd2W7EOO

Don’t miss this ! https://t.co/It1dPMPgEy
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Come and join a growing number of schools and staff who want more children to really access the power of education https://t.co/Fappht65ox

Thanks for this @JoeBrummer aligns with what we at Trauma Responsive Education are offering supports to schools with @TraumaRespEd Check out our upcoming webinars n https://t.co/jhvJXQ0aYJ https://t.co/lVslygiP9F

Thanks to Sarah Horgan for her interest in our work and this article in the Evening Echo #traumainformed @TraumaRespEd https://t.co/rX1vwScSd2