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Marie Delaney, Director The Learning Harbour, Crosshaven, Co.Cork

Really honoured to be working with Anne Marie Quilligan on improving education experiences for Traveller children. Don’t miss the chance to hear her speak . Join us https://t.co/MRqe33dyzT
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Trauma Responsive Education @TraumaRespEd
NEW rescheduled webinar with Anne Marie Quilligan

Join us on Thurs 8th Sep 2022 4.00pm-5.30pm for an informal Q&A on the experience of school for Traveller children and their families.

Book here: https://t.co/Ow1fxJCoCd

or Contact us for a free members pass

@mariedelaney1 https://t.co/PujsCp82Tj

Looking forward to training even more school staff in the impact of trauma on learning and behaviour in school. Applying the theory in a practical way and embedding the thinking in your school. Do join us ! #traumainformed @sharonlambert0 @SusanDouglas70 @narrellbyrne https://t.co/GdqshwYWOV
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Trauma Responsive Education @TraumaRespEd
Do you want your school to become more #traumainformed? We hope to run our 20hr intensive 'Trauma Responsive Educator' training course next term. Please email info @trauma-ed.com to register your interest.

Please share with your networks: https://t.co/ZNO7zBXFWZ https://t.co/t9LIlEpXvd

Looking forward to working with more school on trauma responsive approaches with funding from @Rethink_Ireland https://t.co/UmrU6KbZub

Delighted to be travelling again to Erbil in Kurdistan region of Iraq to train trainers of school counsellors. Always lots to be learned about supporting students affected by trauma from people who have lived it generationally. @TraumaRespEd #traumainformed @BritishCouncil

Really important research in Scotland with implications on reducing violence in other countries if lessons learned. Trauma informed nurture training in schools part of the London VRU approach . Was glad to play small part with staff supervision @TraumaRespEd @nurtureireland #t https://t.co/NizDGnlu5L

Really useful points for anyone working with children and why reflective supervision is so important @TraumaRespEd #traumainformed https://t.co/PFp0sAY6QR